I’m so grateful that I have God that always beside me everywhere. He sent me a great friends to cover up my weaknesses, to cheer me up. He lift me up when I’m down, hear all my sadness and give me the answers to all my prayers, help me through every problems, says “all you need is sleep” when I’m so overload with everything, He hold my hands when I walk alone, stands before me to face everyone, push me from behind, tap my shoulder to calm me down, whisper ‘I love you’ when I feel so alone, wipe my tears, grab my shoulders tight so I won’t fall, hold me tight when everyone seems so rude and act like they don’t care at all. The One who always sent the Morning Sun to wake me up every morning, The One who always makes everything so worth in He’s time and yes it’s all worth the wait, The One who knows me very well, The One who never blame me on everything. You taught me so many lessons, give me so many good friends in my life just like as I pray.

He just knew, that every one has their own limit, has their own sins, and never get tired hearing an ‘I’m sorry’ prays everyday, every minute, every seconds. He who have a BEYOND love for every mankind. The One who His loves is never fail. 

And I can’t say anything more but a very generous THANK YOU for every what HE has done. 

I hate it when I’m the only one who cares.  

And I need to go to somewhere where I can find some great photos. With a nice company to share with. Walk around till our legs become numb and craving for some relax time. Just to breathe a normal air and feel the windy day around our hair.

Somewhere, where it has a great and powerful architectures, great atmosphere and surroundings. Where I can find a vast land upon a cliff filled with pretty small flowers and look up at the blue clear sky. Breathe the salty breeze and hear the soft roaring waves downside. 

To just close my eyes, and embrace the sun, the sharp and pointy texture of grass, and pretending smell the flowers.

And be so grateful to God.