I Can Be Everywhere

I’m so addicted to books and novels! From there, we can visit every places in the world! Seeing the beauty scenery and stories :) And who doesn’t love book fair?! Me and my 2 sisters are those bookworms. It’s definitely a big big problem when we don’t have enough place to keep them safe. I’m so sad that I have no book shelves here. Cause this is a temporary home for now. I hate it when I have to touch my books and it feels so dusty! Euuuh. Okay, this is my fault that I rarely cleaning up those pile of papers.

Beside the happiness of purchasing pretty cheap good books from fair, I’m in terror to done them. And I have no time! I usually read them while taking a break or in weekends. I’ll finish them really soon though!

I’m gonna upload the pics as well in my photo’s post! See you soon!