Day 19 : Tell About Your First Love

it’s strange cause I find it in my early age. When I was in kindergarten. Actually, the guy is my neighbor and my Sunday School friend. I don’t know why I like him? We never had a talk or playing around together though he’s my close neighbor. HAHAHA. It’s just something that accidentally comes to my mind, that okay, he’s nice and I like him. Oh my goodness, I still clearly remember that morning, in our class, and we’re all having a colouring subject, he stood up, took the sharpener, went to the corner, and start sharpening his colorpencil. Then, I suddenly acted the same way too, I stood up, took mine, went to the corner, and just stared at him cause my colorpencil didn’t need to be sharpened AT ALL! I just stare at him, and when he moves back to his chair, I follow him. After that? I don’t know. I don’t remember it. HAHAHA. Kay, this is just hilarious, at least for me. But, I never have the feeling the way I did before towards him after that, till now. My mom always said : “You should be with him. He’s your best childhood friend.”

We’re still being friend till this day. It sucks cause he already has girlfriend now. And me? No need to tell you. HAHAHA.

Till then!

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Day 18 : 50 Facts about me

Let’s separate things up! It will be the positives and negatives :)

(1)    + I’m easily forgive

(2)    + Cheerful

(3)    + Love to share everything when already feel so comfortable with someone

(4)    + Love to explore the street beside malls

(5)    + Loving candid

(6)    + I love bear hugging someone! (For now, my mom and sissy!)

(7)    + I love giving small gifts and see them smile.

(8)    + I adore hygiene and do cleaning

(9)    + I love writing

(10) + I hate arguing

(11) + I love singing

(12) + I love taking cityscape photos

(13) + Easy adapt

(14) + I love take adventurous trip

(15) + I love daydreaming

(16) + I write my pretty dreams on my diary

(17) + God is my number best friend and my great listener

(18) + I love blogging

(19) + I love making new friends

(20) + I love hearing other’s knowledge of everything (life, science, everything)

(21) + I love reading novels

(22) + I don’t cry over something except it really broke my heart

(23) + I will love or idolizing someone truly

(24) + I’m the personal fashion stylist for myself. So I won’t choosing an outfit that looks really bad when going outside even to a market!

(25) + I like seeing someone smile so big!

(1)    – I’m a die hard fangirl! I have fangirl life. Sorry!

(2)    – I can’t eat chilli

(3)    – I’m so cranky

(4)    – I usually think with heart

(5)    – I’m not good at music (playing instruments)

(6)    – I’m easily attached to someone

(7)    – I’m easily depend on someone too

(8)    – I’m always prioritized someone’s business first over mine (I mean, when they asked for help)

(9)    – I’m such a rush person

(10) - I have mood swing time

(11) - Don’t ask me everything in 30minutes after I woke up in the morning.

(12) - I have a judging state first before I get into someone.

(13) - I hate LAZY peoples

(14) - I can’t draw

(15) - Have no out-of-the-box ideas

(16) - I love doing unnecessary things

(17) - Okay, I’m easily angry

(18) - Buying unnecessary things

(19) - Wake up so late on holidays

(20) - Hmm, I kinda don’t like criticizes (It’s depend on the problems)

(21) - Doing assignments depend on my mood

(22) - Hopeless romantic

(23) - Easily starve

(24) - HATE loud peoples

(25) - I’m a bit coward


Day 17 : Zodiac Sign

Oh! First, let me say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY my dear COUNTRY, Indonesia :) May God always bless you <3

Today’s topic is Your Zodiac Sign and if it fits you?

Oh, after a long while searching on tumblr on Pisces Facts, I’ve got some images that I will give to you guys. And it’s perfectly suit me! Hahahah. okay then.. This gonna be a photoset post. 


*the above picture is not mine






—> Day 18 : post 30 facts about yourself